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Once you have tried our Video Hosting service we are sure you will not look back and that’s why we provide you with a Free 15 Day, No obligation try before you buy, sign up option. On discovering the power, of True Key Video Hosting, you will feel encouraged to tell everyone you know, about this innovative video and audio streaming platform.

True Key Video Hosting are The Key to Imagery in Motion and pride ourselves on being true pioneers within the professional video and audio streaming industry.

True Key Video Hosting

True Key Video Hosting is now one of the fastest growing, video hosting providers online. Our customers truly trust us, because we are known to deliver quality of service due to our robust infrastructure, which ensures superior reliability and at prices that are truly amazing. Our membership base has advanced considerably, through user recommendation and we are now industry leaders, in customisable plug and play video solutions, developed for easy website integration.

Our team are highly focused on meeting the growing demand, for true professional video hosting, that favours music artists, video producers, independent film makers, live event organisers and more.

Our Video Hosting service is designed for private or commercial use.

True Key Video Hosting – The Key to Imagery in Motion

Video Hosting Experience


True Key Video Hosting provides one of the most powerful video hosting platforms in the industry which is affordable and customizable. Allow your videos to be viewed by millions across the world with the option to charge viewers for your work hence receiving a return on your Investment.

Video Hosting Online – The 3 simple facts

174 million videos were viewed on You Tube in February 2008
11 billion videos were viewed in the USA alone in the month of April 2008
Online video is officially recognised as the fastest growing industry since email

TKVH provides a Professional Video Hosting Service for Private or Commercial Use for Film Makers, Entertainers, Actors Web Designers and more, create your online TV Channel Today..